About HAM

HAM is a leading distributor of 3D printers in Canada.
We're committed to helping Canadian businesses adapt to the Industry 4.0 revolution through consulting services and distributing a variety of technologies and hardware to take advantage of the opportunities tomorrow brings.
Whether you're interested in additive manufacturing, Web3 hardware & security, virtual reality in the workplace, warehouse drones & robotics, or other Industry 4.0 technologies: 

HAM is here to help.

Our Values


With clients and each other, always be helpful. We share our knowledge and impart wisdom. Never be a bystander when there's a problem you're familiar with. Conventional wisdom often isn't wise, so speak up.

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Life is short; don't waste it. Spending your life working doesn't mean you can't enjoy every second. Our wins deserve to be recognized. We strive to celebrate our people and each other. Game recognize game. Bring our customers in on the fun—they're responsible for many of our celebrations after all. Share the joy!

Take Ownership

Have a purpose and pride in everything we do. Take control of everything from your day to your career. Never sit quietly and go along for a ride. Taking ownership means earning the autonomy to be great; it will show in the work. We expect leadership at every level. 

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Give Feedback

We all want to know how we're doing at living up to our ideals: so tell us! We never want to blindside someone in a scheduled review; we want to be constantly sharing and coaching so we can all improve together. Constructive feedback is never a one way street, tell your boss when there's a better way to do something or communicate it. We're all the better for it!

We're a perpetual work in progress. Grow with us.

Who We Are

It's little but still good. Yeah, still good. — Stitch

Justin Haines Founder & CEO

After years working in sales and logistics, Justin's taken his passion for additive manufacturing and all new technologies to commit to making the best names in 3D printing and Industry 4.0 available to Canadian businesses and consumers. 

Pushp Dhingra Senior Account Executive: Nexa XiP

Brandon Le Warehouse Manager

Jennifer Stark Sales Coordinator

Key Strategic Partners

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Executive Recruitment


Accounting Firm


We're Always Looking to Strengthen Our Team

Submit an application and we'll be in touch when we open new positions.


It's in the name. Additive Manufacturing is our primary focus and specialty, though we remain dedicated to all Industry 4.0 and Web3 hardware technologies helping power the future.

We are based in London, Ontario. Our headquarters and secondary warehouse are both located in London, which is a perfectly central location that is a two hour drive from Toronto, Detroit, and Buffalo in each direction. 

Our primary warehouse is located in North York at 50 Prince Andrew Place, Dock 7, Toronto, Ontario, M3C 2H4

We offer sales and distribution of 3D printers, as well as consulting for companies interested in adapting to additive manufacturing, Industry 4.0 or Web3.

Each of our services have varying rates. Visit a specific product page to view prices on 3D printers or reach out to us for a free virtual consultation on how we can assist your company's adoption of additive manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Warranties differ based on product. Please check the specific product page for more information or feel free to contact us directly.

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